Dutch female voice 
Jolanda Bayens 

Voiceover director

As a voice-over director, I ensure that the audio-recording runs smoothly. A voice-over director pays attention to the correct tone of voice, a good interpretation of the text, the correct pronunciation, the maximum and minimum length of the recording, a consistent voice etc. For a really good recording, a voice-over director is a must!

A voice-over director takes care of the finishing touches

Before the arrival of the home-studio, voiceovers and voice actors traveled to a sound studio. There was always someone there who attended the recording. Sometimes only the audio engineer, but often also a director. Due to the presence of the director, the customer was always satisfied with the end result. Because most voiceovers and voice actors now work at home, they usually get no control during the recordings. This means that more retakes must take place. moreover: The customer is not always satisfied with the end result. This can easily be prevented by the use of a voice-over director.

How does it work?

As a voice-over director, I have contact with the client before the recording. We discuss the text and I get information about the wishes of the customer. Online direction is done with the help of SessionLink Pro or Skype. From my studio I have direct contact with the voice actor / voiceover in another studio. If desired, I travel to an external Sound Studio, where a technician and of course the voiceover / voice actor is present.


  • The rate for online directing is €65,- per hour.
  • The rate for directing in an external sound studio is € 75 per hour
  • This is ex- travel costs and ex-any accommodation costs.